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My name is Zul, the founder of Onlayn. It was started in 2017 when I bought wireless bluetooth earphones via online to upgrade with the current one. After receiving the product and using it. I was amazed by the quality of it hence I bought it at a price that is very much lower than a going price. I am comfortable when I used it while working or doing outdoor exercises.

In the same year, I found another gadget, which is a wireless audio receiver in an online store. Which can be used to connect wired speakers, headphones and even car audio music which normally used auxiliary cords to function. With this, I visited some local stores to ask if they have that product so that I can compare the price and can see the actual product. However, all of them answered that they didn't have that product yet in their store. Until it increased and I was inclined to shop online for my gadget needs.

My problems are simple: Why should I buy from a few expensive ones that will result my wallet bare? Why would I go to a local store? When in fact I can have them to be delivered to my doorstep. For the love of gadgets and online shopping. I came up with a turbulent idea to open gadgets online store offering tech products at revolutionary prices.

In August 2019 I launched Rasgets an online gadget store that provides recent and highly innovative products to be able to use by gadget users like me. After four years, I re-branded the store to Onlayn which I believed something cool, fun and easy to remember by customers. As a budget-conscious individual, I believed that buying gadgets online is more convenient than buying on traditional retail outlets. Without sacrificing our time we can find great gadgets online which we have difficulty finding or even can't find in the local stores.

Today, we have a small number of team and we expect to grow it soon. We are confident that you will love what we do. We've partnered with verified and trusted suppliers who worked several years with their brands. We provide fast, free shipping and easy returns.

We were founded on the belief that we should be on the latest trends when it comes to gadgets while leading the way to make our lives easier. Our goal is to provide highly innovative gadgets whether it be for work, learning and leisure at radically budget-friendly prices.     

Find what you love, and you can order it in our store. Be latest, Be onlayn.

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